Bantu Banjir Malang


Triggered by high-intensity rainfall, destructive flash floods hit Malang, Est Java, Indonesia yesterday afternoon (4/11/21).

Sweeping away 5 villages and damaging homes, places of worship, public facilities, also road access. 619 locals are now displaced, including babies and the elderly.

The ACT team on the ground just found 2 dead bodies this morning, and are still in the midst of searching for dozens of missing victims.

Hundreds of survivors taking shelter in ACT Temporary Emergency Shelters are crucially needing:

  • Rice
  • Instant food & mineral water
  • Infant food & milk
  • Medicines
  • Sleeping mats & blankets
  • Hygiene kits

They flee with nothing. With your help, you will relieve and save lives!

Thank you – May you be protected from all kinds of calamities