Bantu Palestina


Innalillahi Wa Innailaihi Raajiun
In the last 24 hours Palestine has become increasingly tense, the Israeli Zionists have been oppressing the Palestinian people brutally.  At least 15 Palestinians were killed, they were brutally assassinated by the Israeli forces without mercy, in the West Bank, Palestine.  Ramadan, the holy month, is now tarnished by the savagery of the Israeli Zionists who continue committing violation for no reason. Let’s take part to stand with Palestine! Continue to pray and support our  brothers and sisters in Palestine so that they can survive and fight.

On this glorious month, let us pray together and support the Palestinian cause, with your best alms which will be distributed in the form of:
1. Medical clinics and health services
2. Ready-to-eat food
3. Al Aqsa Mosque shuttle bus and other humanitarian assistance.
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