Humanity Food Truck


Food Security Program

Poverty is a big problem for Indonesia, a country with 270 million people in 2020. Central Statistics Agency data shows that around 27% of Indonesia’s population lives below the poverty line. This figure can increase by 40% if we add to those who are vulnerable to poverty. Covid-19 also exacerbates these condition.

Natural and social disasters sometimes happen simultaneously. This force people to lose their assets and make them impoverished and in need of immediate assistance.

Food Truck

Food Truck provides hot meal and nutritious food for victims of natural and social disasters such as fires, earthquake, tsunami, etc. where people are stranded in conditions that are difficult to meet. Humanity Food Truck can move quickly in times of disaster.


Note: Donasi minimal 1 porsi. Harga per porsi = 2,7 €. Untuk menambah jumlah donasi, silahkan tambahkan di jumlah produk yang dikehendaki, maka jumlah tersebut akan dikalikan dengan 2,7 €.

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